our covid-19 policies as of june 1, 2020

Here is what to expect as we explore what our "New Normal" looks like in our salon.

We have built Rooms and separated each lash bed with a barrier to maintain social distancing from other clients.  We have reduced the number of beds in the salon to 4.  We do not have a waiting room.

Each lash bed is equipped with full vinyl coverings to be disinfected in between each client.

You will be required to wear a mask to enter the salon, and for the entire duration of your appointment.

Please wash your hands at our designated hand-washing sink when you enter the salon prior to your appointment.

We do not accept cash, we accept e-transfer, debit, or credit card only.

If you no show or late cancel we will charge you the full service fee to reschedule- no exceptions, if this becomes an ongoing issue, a credit card on file will be required to book an appointment.

If you are late for your appointment by more than 15 minutes we may cancel and charge you the full service fee.  

You must complete the COVID declaration which will be emailed to you upon booking.

Do not bring anyone to your appointment with you.  Do not bring blankets, pillows, drinks or outside food to your appointment with you.  We do have heated lash beds, but if you find you get cold, please dress warmly.

Please wait in your car or safely outside until we unlock the door to let you in.  Text your stylist to let them know you have arrived.  If you do not have your stylists' phone number, text 7788085572. Please be patient, we may be waiting for someone to clear the waiting area before letting you in.

You may purchase retail product & appreciate your support.  We do not have samples and request you kindly refrain from handling the retail items.  Please ask your stylist for recommendations and to prepare your order for you.

If you have questions regarding policies and procedures we will have in place, please feel free to PM us or text the shop number at 6047065791